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[DIR] DKRDS/ 11-Feb-2008 13:04 - [VID] sda-hover-2835-Needham.wmv 21-Dec-2009 19:45 38M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-hover-2963-Needham.wmv 07-Sep-2010 05:11 28M Stacy Needham [VID] sdalap1-hover-3105-Needham.wmv 05-Aug-2010 13:14 28M Stacy Needham [VID] gv-hover-2345-Needham.wmv 08-Jun-2010 05:52 23M Stacy Needham [VID] dc-hover-14531-3426-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:45 11M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] wp-hover-14411-3345-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 20:03 11M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-hover-13983-3195-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:54 11M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] wp-plane-13488-2946-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:45 10M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] wc-hover-13485-3041-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 20:01 10M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] spa-plane-13420-2971-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:44 10M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-plane-13441-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:34 10M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-hover-13358-2968-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:53 10M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-hover-13115-2920-Needham.wmv 08-Dec-2008 10:54 9.7M Stacy Needham [VID] spa-plane-12771-Mitani.avi 17-Sep-2007 17:52 9.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-hover-13180-2901-Needham.wmv 01-Sep-2009 15:28 9.3M Stacy Needham [VID] fv-plane-12591-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:28 9.3M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] gv-hover-11971-2506-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:49 9.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] spa-plane-13435-Zalesky.AVI 01-Dec-2006 19:35 9.2M Patrick Zalesky [VID] sc-plane-12586-2678-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:42 9.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-hover-4353-Needham.wmv 21-Dec-2009 19:19 9.2M Stacy Needham [VID] bc-hover-12071-2568-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:41 8.9M Yasutaka Mitani (watch this video on youtube) [VID] htv-hover-11998-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:20 8.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-hover-4336-Needham.wmv 15-Apr-2010 14:11 8.6M Stacy Needham [VID] ep-hover-11718-2438-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:46 8.4M Yasutaka Mitani (watch this video on youtube) [VID] gv-hover-11595-Mitani.avi 12-Jun-2008 21:17 8.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-car-11791-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:41 8.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] ci-hover-11568-2436-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:43 8.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fv-car-11091-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:28 8.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] ep-plane-11211-2191-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:26 7.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-hover-11133-2286-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:19 7.8M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] htv-plane-10826-2188-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:20 7.5M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-plane-10700-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:14 7.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-car-10550-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:14 7.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] jf-hover-5043-1531-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 18:06 7.0M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-hover-13695-3021-Needham.flv 27-Oct-2007 23:04 6.9M Stacy Needham [VID] al-car-4441-Zalesky.AVI 28-Jul-2010 11:20 6.8M Patrick Zalesky [VID] fc-hover-10785-2086-Needham.wmv 24-Jun-2009 18:33 6.6M Stacy Needham [VID] pl-hover-5930-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:24 6.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-hover-2803-Needham.wmv 14-Apr-2010 13:43 6.5M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-hover-11271-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:09 6.1M Stefan Mahrla [VID] tc-hover-5328-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:59 6.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] hw-hover-5275-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:51 6.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] jf-hover-5348-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:22 6.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] tc-hover-5256-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:20 6.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-hover-4363-1345-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 15:56 6.0M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-5195-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:16 5.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-hover-13355-2995-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:15 5.9M Stacy Needham [VID] hw-hover-5133-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:08 5.8M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sv-hover-5058-1578-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:57 5.7M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-hover-4575-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:15 5.7M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] wb-hover-5068-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:25 5.7M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] gv-hover-2361-Needham.wmv 07-Jun-2010 18:38 5.6M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-hover-10901-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 16:33 5.6M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-plane-4971-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:16 5.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-car-4450-Lovera.wmv 14-Jan-2008 15:11 5.3M Cooper Lovera [VID] pl-hover-5974-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:12 5.3M Stefan Mahrla [VID] alsc-hover-1053-Needham.wmv 05-Feb-2010 00:25 5.2M Stacy Needham [VID] gv-hover-11820-2443-Needham.flv 03-Jul-2007 14:00 5.2M Stacy Needham [VID] al-hover-4470-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:10 5.1M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-car-4293-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:16 5.1M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] jf-hover-5561-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:13 5.0M Stefan Mahrla [VID] wc-car-2876-Mahrla.AVI 28-Jul-2010 11:16 5.0M Stefan Mahrla [VID] jf-hover-5450-1726-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 14:29 5.0M Stacy Needham [VID] sdalap1-hover-3165-Needham.wmv 14-Apr-2010 13:05 4.9M Stacy Needham [VID] wb-hover-5146-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:31 4.8M Stefan Mahrla [VID] sc-car-2566-Mahrla.AVI 28-Jul-2010 11:17 4.8M Stefan Mahrla [VID] spasc-hover-13576-3056-Needham.flv 30-Dec-2007 22:48 4.7M Stacy Needham [VID] sda-hover-2833-Needham.wmv 14-Apr-2010 13:09 4.7M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-hover-13633-Needham.flv 27-Jan-2008 00:52 4.7M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-5150-1580-Needham.flv 11-Oct-2007 00:55 4.4M Stacy Needham [VID] cisc-hover-1855-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 16:10 4.4M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-car-2093-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:33 4.3M Stefan Mahrla [VID] sv-hover-4840-1443-Needham.flv 23-Oct-2007 22:20 4.2M Stacy Needham [VID] al-plane-3638-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:10 4.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] eplap1-hover-2493-Needham.wmv 20-Apr-2010 12:15 4.1M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-5293-1613-Needham.flv 11-Sep-2007 11:49 4.1M Stacy Needham [VID] hw-hover-5361-1651-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:15 3.9M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-hover-3125-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:59 3.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-hover-3030-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:25 3.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] wc-hover-2940-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:22 3.5M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] spa-hover-3153-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:23 3.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-hover-11023-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:18 3.4M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-5331-1675-Needham.flv 03-Jul-2007 13:57 3.4M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-car-3031-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:25 3.3M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-plane-2900-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:34 3.3M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-hover-2925-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:26 3.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-car-2976-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:42 3.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] hw-hover-1566-Needham.wmv 21-Apr-2010 17:17 3.2M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-plane-2813-Mitani.avi 17-Sep-2007 15:03 3.1M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] scsc-hover-2675-Needham.flv 22-Dec-2007 01:02 3.1M Stacy Needham [VID] sda-hover-2860-Needham.wmv 01-Sep-2009 16:11 3.0M Stacy Needham [VID] sc-hover-2853-Needham.wmv 08-Dec-2008 10:56 3.0M Stacy Needham [VID] fv-plane-2730-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:28 3.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] htv-plane-10466-2050-0xwas.flv 23-Mar-2007 19:06 3.0M 0xwas [VID] htv-hover-2443-Mitani.avi 21-Sep-2007 23:12 3.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] ci-hover-2330-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 17:34 3.0M Stacy Needham [VID] wc-car-2820-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:32 3.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] jf-hover-5213-Needham.flv 20-Sep-2007 22:11 2.9M Stacy Needham [VID] wp-hover-2971-Needham.wmv 21-Oct-2009 20:40 2.9M Stacy Needham [VID] bc-hover-2521-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:21 2.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-hover-2136-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 16:34 2.9M Stacy Needham [VID] htv-hover-2548-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:21 2.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-car-2511-Mitani.avi 17-Sep-2007 16:45 2.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] ci-hover-2360-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:21 2.8M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fvsc-car-1423-Needham.flv 20-Dec-2007 23:31 2.8M Stacy Needham [VID] fv-plane-2501-Mitani.avi 17-Sep-2007 15:04 2.8M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sv-hover-5060-1561-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:16 2.8M Stacy Needham [VID] tc-hover-5236-Needham.flv 15-Oct-2007 10:27 2.8M Stacy Needham [VID] gv-hover-2365-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 17:41 2.8M Stacy Needham [VID] sc-car-2520-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:41 2.7M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] htv-hover-2365-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 17:43 2.7M Stacy Needham [VID] gv-hover-2410-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:55 2.7M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] ep-hover-2206-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 16:17 2.6M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1611-Mitani.avi 11-Oct-2007 01:24 2.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] bcsc-hover-1818-Mitani.avi 21-Sep-2007 23:13 2.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] pl-hover-5670-1781-0xwas.flv 19-Mar-2007 11:20 2.6M 0xwas [VID] bcsc-hover-1825-Mitani.avi 18-Sep-2007 19:12 2.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] ci-hover-2321-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 19:05 2.5M Stacy Needham [VID] fv-car-2196-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:30 2.5M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] bcsc-hover-1930-Mitani.avi 17-Sep-2007 16:44 2.5M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-hover-4553-Needham.flv 03-Jul-2007 14:01 2.5M Stacy Needham [VID] sda-hover-2855-Needham.wmv 24-Oct-2009 15:01 2.5M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-car-2086-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:15 2.5M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-plane-1933-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:15 2.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] fc-plane-1881-Mitani.avi 17-Sep-2007 15:06 2.4M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] jf-hover-1701-Mahrla.wmv 01-Dec-2006 19:30 2.3M Stefan Mahrla [VID] ci-hover-2305-Needham.wmv 01-Sep-2009 14:52 2.3M Stacy Needham [VID] hw-hover-1583-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 18:10 2.3M Stacy Needham [VID] pl-hover-1865-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:26 2.3M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-hover-2966-Needham.flv 03-Jul-2007 13:58 2.3M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1670-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:21 2.3M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] pl-hover-1841-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:12 2.3M Stefan Mahrla [VID] hw-hover-1585-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:52 2.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] tc-hover-1653-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:58 2.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] bcsc-hover-1865-Needham.flv 18-Sep-2007 18:59 2.2M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1613-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:55 2.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] tc-hover-1616-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:58 2.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sda-hover-2996-Needham.flv 11-Oct-2007 00:55 2.2M Stacy Needham [VID] hw-hover-1678-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:50 2.2M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] gv-hover-2455-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:19 2.1M Stacy Needham [VID] wb-hover-1476-Mitani.avi 28-Sep-2007 19:58 2.1M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] bcsc-hover-1840-Needham.flv 18-Sep-2007 19:07 2.1M Stacy Needham [VID] wb-hover-1513-Mahrla.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:30 2.1M Stefan Mahrla [VID] wc-hover-2981-Needham.flv 28-Sep-2007 19:15 2.1M Stacy Needham [VID] bcsc-hover-1821-Needham.flv 18-Sep-2007 19:07 2.1M Stacy Needham [VID] al-hover-1355-Mitani.avi 21-Sep-2007 23:13 2.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] bcsc-hover-1880-Needham.flv 17-Sep-2007 13:55 2.0M Stacy Needham [VID] tc-plane-1546-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:21 2.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-hover-1370-Mitani(turbo).avi 01-Dec-2006 19:14 2.0M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] sc-car-2480-Vanderwouw.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:21 2.0M Matt Vanderwouw [VID] ep-hover-2446-Needham.flv 03-Jul-2007 13:58 2.0M Stacy Needham [VID] gv-hover-2385-Needham.flv 15-Jan-2008 00:23 2.0M Stacy Needham [VID] spa-hover-3263-Needham.flv 31-Aug-2007 20:15 2.0M Stacy Needham [VID] sda-hover-2865-Needham.flv 30-Nov-2007 18:29 2.0M Stacy Needham [VID] fv-hover-2583-Needham.flv 14-Sep-2007 00:56 2.0M Stacy Needham [VID] tc-car-1320-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:12 1.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] jf-plane-1483-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:15 1.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] al-car-1355-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:15 1.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] wb-hover-1490-Mitani.avi 01-Dec-2006 19:24 1.9M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] cisc-hover-1785-Needham.wmv 01-Sep-2009 15:34 1.9M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1596-Needham.flv 28-Sep-2007 19:15 1.9M Stacy Needham [VID] bcsc-hover-1801-Needham.flv 25-Oct-2007 11:19 1.8M Stacy Needham [VID] al-hover-1336-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 15:52 1.8M Stacy Needham [VID] wc-hover-2881-Needham.flv 06-Nov-2007 21:32 1.8M Stacy Needham [VID] alsc-hover-1065-Needham.wmv 07-Dec-2008 16:28 1.8M Stacy Needham [VID] hw-car-1403-Mitani.avi 04-Nov-2006 00:25 1.8M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] spa-hover-3133-Needham.flv 25-Nov-2007 00:51 1.8M Stacy Needham [VID] sc-hover-2871-Needham.flv 11-Oct-2007 00:55 1.7M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-hover-2163-Needham.flv 23-Oct-2007 22:21 1.7M Stacy Needham [VID] sda-hover-3075-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:19 1.7M Stacy Needham [VID] htv-hover-2401-Needham.flv 23-Jan-2008 19:31 1.7M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-hover-2171-Needham.flv 08-Oct-2007 14:07 1.7M Stacy Needham [VID] fv-hover-2616-Needham.flv 02-Sep-2007 12:34 1.7M Stacy Needham [VID] ep-hover-2383-Needham.flv 28-Sep-2007 19:14 1.6M Stacy Needham [VID] wbsc-hover-1156-Needham.flv 22-Dec-2007 01:02 1.6M Stacy Needham [VID] al-plane-1040-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:10 1.6M Yasutaka Mitani [VID] dclap1-hover-3593-0xwas.flv 19-Mar-2007 11:21 1.6M 0xwas [VID] tc-hover-1585-Needham.flv 30-Oct-2007 23:58 1.6M Stacy Needham [VID] gv-hover-2433-Needham.flv 27-Jul-2007 19:19 1.6M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-hover-2143-Needham.flv 29-Nov-2007 14:51 1.5M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1625-Needham.flv 09-Sep-2007 00:20 1.5M Stacy Needham [VID] htv-hover-2491-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:17 1.5M Stacy Needham [VID] spalap1-plane-3125-0xwas.flv 19-Mar-2007 11:21 1.5M 0xwas [VID] al-hover-1361-Needham.flv 03-Jul-2007 14:00 1.4M Stacy Needham [VID] fc-hover-2196-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:17 1.3M Stacy Needham [VID] wb-hover-1370-Needham.flv 23-Jan-2008 19:30 1.3M Stacy Needham [VID] sv-hover-1426-Needham.flv 09-Jan-2008 23:01 1.3M Stacy Needham [VID] wbsc-hover-1090-Needham.flv 09-Jan-2008 23:02 1.3M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1533-Needham.flv 25-Nov-2007 00:50 1.3M Stacy Needham [VID] sv-hover-1431-Needham.flv 27-Dec-2007 04:31 1.2M Stacy Needham [VID] wb-hover-1445-Needham.flv 09-Jan-2008 23:02 1.2M Stacy Needham [VID] alsc-hover-1086-Needham.flv 26-Dec-2007 01:09 1.2M Stacy Needham [VID] jf-hover-1555-Needham.flv 15-Oct-2007 10:25 1.1M Stacy Needham [VID] sv-hover-1506-Needham.flv 28-Sep-2007 19:14 1.1M Stacy Needham [VID] alsc-hover-1080-Needham.flv 09-Jan-2008 23:02 1.1M Stacy Needham [VID] tc-hover-1653-Needham.flv 18-Jun-2007 15:20 1.0M Stacy Needham [VID] fvsc-car-1343-Needham.flv 22-Dec-2007 00:52 1.0M Stacy Needham [VID] tc-hover-wallboost-Mitani.avi 21-Nov-2006 20:06 569K Yasutaka Mitani [   ] !!NOTE 25-Apr-2007 16:53 0 This is the 'everything else' folder! 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