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[DIR] TAS/ 17-May-2018 07:28 - TAS = Tool-assisted speedrun (save states/slow-motion) [VID] bb-14496-Simmons.AVI 27-Jul-2010 21:02 5.0M [VID] bb-3443(pal)-Zwartjes.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:21 1.4M [VID] bb1shroomer-3495-Simmons.AVI 27-Jul-2010 21:02 2.1M [VID] bc-15178(pal)-Cetin.MPG 28-Jul-2010 11:52 4.2M [VID] cm3198.AVI 28-Jul-2010 13:25 10M [VID] dk-3613-Chen.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:46 1.7M [VID] dk-3649(pal)-Cetin.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:00 1.4M [VID] dk1shroomer-3750-Chen(oldstrat).MPG 27-Jul-2010 16:07 1.7M [VID] dksc-486-Rayola.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 14:08 234K [VID] fs-3248-Simmons.AVI 27-Jul-2010 21:03 1.9M [VID] fssc-540-Moritz.AVI 26-Jul-2010 14:07 1.4M [VID] kb-2608(pal)-Cetin.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:07 1.0M [VID] kd-3289-Simmons.AVI 27-Jul-2010 21:03 2.0M [VID] lr-13868(pal)-Zwartjes.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 12:53 3.8M [VID] lr-3150(pal)-Zwartjes.MPG 28-Jul-2010 11:31 1.2M [VID] mf-11311-Villa.wmv 03-Jun-2008 00:02 7.9M [VID] mf-11404-Gallo.AVI 25-Jul-2010 16:12 21M [VID] mf-2396-Gallo.AVI 25-Jul-2010 16:07 6.9M [VID] mr-2330(pal)-Zwartjes(altstrat).MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:08 944K [VID] rra-4737(pal)-Cetin.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:11 1.8M [VID] rro-13916(pal)-Cetin.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:25 3.7M [VID] rro-50002(pal)-Cetin.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:27 11M [VID] ws-11307(pal)-Cetin.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:24 2.8M [VID] ws-33999(pal)-Cetin.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 15:25 8.3M [VID] wssc-244-Moritz.AVI 25-Jul-2010 18:39 804K [VID] yv-12730-Simmons.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:35 3.3M [VID] yv-2649-Simmons.AVI 27-Jul-2010 21:04 1.5M [   ] !table of contents2 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 Flower Cup: tt | fs | cm | mr Special Cup: dk | yv | bb | rro [   ] bb' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] bc' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] cm' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] dk' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] fs' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] kb' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] kd' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] lr' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] mf' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] mr' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] rra' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] rro' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] sl' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] !table of contents1 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 Mushroom Cup: lr | mf | kb | kd Star Cup: ws | sl | rra | bc [   ] tt' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] ws' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] yv' 25-Jul-2010 21:27 0 back to top [   ] !!NOTE 11-Mar-2007 23:34 0 This is the 'everything else' folder! 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[VID] cmsc-2176(pal)-Penev.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 14:25 894K Alex Penev [VID] dksc-2139(pal)-Penev.avi 05-Nov-2006 17:57 5.7M Alex Penev [VID] kb-12055(pal)-Penev.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:07 3.0M Alex Penev [VID] kd-3279(pal)-Penev.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:09 1.3M Alex Penev [VID] kdsc-14472-3204(pal)-Penev.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 14:43 4.0M Alex Penev [VID] lrsc-11850(pal)-Penev.mpg 07-Nov-2006 11:47 3.0M Alex Penev [VID] rrosc-10551(pal)-Penev.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 17:48 2.5M Alex Penev [VID] rrosc-33786(pal)-Penev.MPG 25-Jul-2010 15:04 8.2M Alex Penev [VID] sl-13738(pal)-Penev.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 15:06 3.7M Alex Penev [VID] sl-3187(pal)-Penev.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:29 1.2M Alex Penev [VID] tt-4943(pal)-Penev.MPG 25-Jul-2010 15:21 1.9M Alex Penev [VID] wssc-274(pal)-Penev.mpg 08-Nov-2006 09:00 196K Alex Penev [VID] yvsc-746(pal)-Penev.avi 05-Jul-2010 15:36 3.3M Alex Penev [VID] fssc-2176(pal)-Penev.avi 05-Nov-2006 19:30 5.3M Alex Penev (watch this video on youtube) [VID] lrsc-2188(pal)-Penev.mpg 12-Nov-2006 12:38 870K Alex Penev (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mf-2344-Hermanny.mpg 11-Mar-2007 18:26 4.7M Andre Hermanny [VID] cmsc-10898(pal)-Miller.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:17 2.6M Ben Miller [VID] cmsc-2164(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 11:57 890K Ben Miller [VID] dk-15381(pal)-Miller(oldstrat).MPEG 27-Jul-2010 16:06 4.4M Ben Miller [VID] dk1shroomer-3769(pal)-Miller(oldstrat).MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:48 3.0M Ben Miller [VID] dksc-2127(pal)-Miller.mpg 05-Jul-2010 14:52 890K Ben Miller [VID] dksc-2328(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 11:59 962K Ben Miller [VID] dksc-413(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 11:58 256K Ben Miller [VID] fssc-2214(pal)-Miller.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 14:04 914K Ben Miller [VID] fssc-543(pal)-Miller.MPG 27-Jul-2010 22:13 358K Ben Miller [VID] kb-2607(pal)-Miller.MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:03 1.0M Ben Miller [VID] lrsc-2518(pal)-Miller.mpg 05-Jul-2010 15:41 688K Ben Miller [VID] mf-11290(pal)-Miller.mpg 05-Nov-2006 19:33 2.8M Ben Miller [VID] mf-11328(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:05 2.8M Ben Miller [VID] mf-2364(pal)-Miller.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 17:43 938K Ben Miller [VID] mf1shroomer-2414(pal)-Miller.MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:08 1.0M Ben Miller [VID] mrsc-1559(pal)-Miller.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 17:44 630K Ben Miller [VID] mrsc-5182(pal)-Miller.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 17:44 2.0M Ben Miller [VID] mrsc-5218(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:09 2.0M Ben Miller [VID] rrasc-14392(pal)-Miller.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:17 4.0M Ben Miller [VID] rrasc-3212(pal)-Miller.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:24 1.3M Ben Miller [VID] ttsc-13273(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:19 3.5M Ben Miller [VID] ttsc-2938(pal)-Miller.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:33 1.1M Ben Miller [VID] wssc-1287(pal)-Miller.mpg 27-Oct-2009 13:28 552K Ben Miller [VID] wssc-1411(pal)-Miller.MPEG 28-Jul-2010 13:22 632K Ben Miller [VID] wssc-280(pal)-Miller.mpg 27-Oct-2009 13:28 508K Ben Miller [VID] wssclap1-381(pal)-Miller.mpg 12-Nov-2006 11:56 572K Ben Miller [VID] yv-2662(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:28 1.0M Ben Miller [VID] yvsc-2817(pal)-Miller.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:36 1.1M Ben Miller [VID] yvsc-769(pal)-Miller.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:27 498K Ben Miller [VID] mf-11311-Habrich.mpeg 17-Jul-2010 21:56 4.0M Eric Habrich [VID] mf-2340-Habrich.mpg 26-Oct-2006 08:25 3.4M Eric Habrich (watch this video on youtube) [VID] dksc-356(pal)-Ihnatenko.wmv 24-Jul-2009 11:27 3.6M Greg Ihnatenko [VID] wssc-213(pal)-Ihnatenko.MOV 09-Nov-2006 11:28 2.6M Greg Ihnatenko (watch this video on youtube) [VID] dksc-2092(pal)-Ihnatenko.avi 07-Nov-2006 17:05 8.1M Greg Ihnatenko (watch this video on youtube) [VID] dksc-1999(pal)-Ihnatenko.MPG 10-Apr-2009 20:18 9.0M Greg Ihnatenko (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-2311(pal)-Lewis.wmv 28-Oct-2006 05:19 2.6M Greg Lewis [VID] rro-45654(pal)-Lewis.wmv 09-Jul-2010 13:19 24M Greg Lewis [VID] yv-2629(pal)-Lewis.wmv 27-Nov-2006 00:06 2.7M Greg Lewis [VID] fs-3238-White.wmv 17-Jul-2010 20:27 2.3M Jamie White [VID] kb-2589-White.wmv 17-Jul-2010 20:28 1.3M Jamie White [VID] tt-4935-White.wmv 17-Jul-2010 20:30 2.5M Jamie White [VID] rra-22379-JGutierrez.mpg 26-Oct-2006 20:18 17M Jeffrey Gutierrez [VID] rrosc-31983-JGutierrez.wmv 27-Oct-2009 14:16 13M Jeffrey Gutierrez [VID] bb-14466-Tomazelli.mpg 17-Jul-2010 21:37 5.9M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] bc-15134-Tomazelli.mpg 25-Aug-2008 00:37 7.4M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] bc-15159-Tomazelli.mpg 17-Jul-2010 21:43 6.4M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] cm-13721-Tomazelli.mpg 29-Jul-2007 07:16 2.4M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] cmsc-10459(laps2&3only)-Tomazelli.mpg 06-Nov-2006 12:37 4.2M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] fssc-501(endscreen)-Tomazelli.mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:05 564K Karlo Tomazelli [VID] kb-11988-Tomazelli.mpg 20-Jul-2007 22:14 11M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] kb-12031-Tomazelli.mpg 17-Jul-2010 21:47 4.8M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] kd-14466-Tomazelli.mpg 17-Jul-2010 21:53 8.5M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] kd-3268-Tomazelli.mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:05 3.3M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] lrsc-2191-Tomazelli.mpg 20-Jul-2007 22:12 5.1M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] mr-2311-Tomazelli(2).mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:07 2.5M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] mr-2311-Tomazelli.mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:07 2.8M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] rra-4648-Tomazelli.mpg 20-Jul-2007 22:11 7.2M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] rra-4664-Tomazelli.mpg 06-May-2009 21:35 3.7M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] ttsc-13122(endscreen)-Tomazelli.mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:14 434K Karlo Tomazelli [VID] ws-11230-Tomazelli.mpg 26-Oct-2006 08:21 6.1M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] wssc-253-Tomazelli.mpg 07-Nov-2006 13:26 1.0M Karlo Tomazelli [VID] tt-22929-Tomazelli.mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:14 12M Karlo Tomazelli (watch this video on youtube) [VID] rrasc-14049-Tomazelli.mpg 03-Aug-2007 18:53 2.6M Karlo Tomazelli (watch this video on youtube) [VID] dksc-2116-Tomazelli.mpg 07-Nov-2006 11:35 3.9M Karlo Tomazelli (watch this video on youtube) [VID] cmsc-10531-Tomazelli.mpg 06-Nov-2006 12:44 6.1M Karlo Tomazelli (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mf-2340-Tomazelli.mpg 05-Nov-2006 18:06 2.2M Karlo Tomazelli (watch this video on youtube) [VID] rrasc-14067-Tomazelli.mpg 26-Oct-2006 08:53 8.8M Karlo Tomazelli (watch this video on youtube) [VID] bb-14519-Booth.AVI 26-Jul-2010 13:20 20M Kevin Booth [VID] bb-3439-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 14:15 16M Kevin Booth [VID] bc-15168-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:22 3.1M Kevin Booth [VID] cm-3217-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 14:20 14M Kevin Booth [VID] cm-3223-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:25 1.2M Kevin Booth [VID] cmsc1shroomer-2255-Booth.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 18:21 912K Kevin Booth [VID] dksc-2376-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:07 1.1M Kevin Booth [VID] fs-14136-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:53 3.4M Kevin Booth [VID] fs-3238-Booth.mpg 03-Jun-2008 00:02 1.1M Kevin Booth [VID] kb-12068-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:10 3.0M Kevin Booth [VID] kd-14509-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:41 19M Kevin Booth [VID] kd-14526-Booth.MPG 27-Jul-2010 14:49 22M Kevin Booth [VID] lr-13883-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:47 18M Kevin Booth [VID] lr-13891-Booth.mpg 31-Jul-2010 23:14 23M Kevin Booth [VID] lr-13898-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:12 2.7M Kevin Booth [VID] lr-3138-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:51 5.8M Kevin Booth [VID] lr-3146-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:51 1.2M Kevin Booth [VID] lrsc-2267-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 16:21 884K Kevin Booth [VID] mf-11363-Booth.MPG 27-Jul-2010 14:55 18M Kevin Booth [VID] mf-2375-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 14:22 12M Kevin Booth [VID] mr-11433-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:55 3.5M Kevin Booth [VID] mr-2325-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 14:28 7.6M Kevin Booth [VID] mr-2330-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 14:57 3.9M Kevin Booth [VID] mrsc-5219-Booth.avi 17-Jul-2010 22:57 11M Kevin Booth [VID] mrsc-5223-Booth.MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:12 12M Kevin Booth [VID] mrsc1shroomers-1702-1703-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 15:01 9.9M Kevin Booth [VID] rra-22535-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:16 5.3M Kevin Booth [VID] rra-4729-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:16 1.6M Kevin Booth [VID] rro-13864-Booth.MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:19 22M Kevin Booth [VID] sl-13787-Booth(030strat).MPG 25-Jul-2010 15:19 21M Kevin Booth [VID] sl-13794-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:29 2.7M Kevin Booth [VID] sl-3288-Booth.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:31 1.3M Kevin Booth [VID] tt-22996-Booth.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 18:21 5.4M Kevin Booth [VID] tt-4931-Booth.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:12 7.7M Kevin Booth [VID] tt-4941-Booth.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 21:14 1.4M Kevin Booth [VID] ttsc-13187-Booth.MPG 25-Jul-2010 21:14 19M Kevin Booth [VID] ttsc-13227-Booth.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 18:39 3.3M Kevin Booth [VID] ttsc-2907-Booth.MPG 27-Jul-2010 21:59 8.1M Kevin Booth [VID] ttsc0shroomerlap1-3268-Booth.mpg 31-Jul-2010 23:20 7.9M Kevin Booth [VID] yv-2677-Booth.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:35 1.3M Kevin Booth [VID] rro-45838-Booth.avi 12-Nov-2006 12:38 18M Kevin Booth (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-11339(pal)-Oliver.MP4 05-Apr-2007 20:32 24M Lucas Oliver [VID] mr-2310(2777pal)-Oliver.mp4 25-May-2007 19:25 8.9M Lucas Oliver [VID] mr-2310(pal)-Oliver.MP4 02-Apr-2007 11:55 8.9M Lucas Oliver [VID] mr-2315(pal)-Oliver.MP4 28-Jul-2010 15:10 9.8M Lucas Oliver [VID] mr-2310(pal)-Oliver.avi 02-Apr-2007 11:56 8.4M Lucas Oliver (watch this video on youtube) [VID] yv-12589(pal)-Oliver.avi 02-Nov-2007 15:24 37M Lucas Oliver (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-11323(pal)-Oliver.AVI 08-Aug-2007 13:59 30M Lucas Oliver (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-11327(pal)-Oliver.avi 14-Jun-2007 16:24 35M Lucas Oliver (watch this video on youtube) [VID] bb-14449-Barnard.wmv 26-Oct-2006 20:49 10M Luke Barnard [VID] bc-15129-Barnard.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 18:53 7.7M Luke Barnard [VID] bc-3612-Barnard.mpg 26-Oct-2006 09:10 2.6M Luke Barnard [VID] bc-3624-Barnard.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:11 4.9M Luke Barnard [VID] fs-14091-Barnard.wmv 10-May-2007 19:59 4.9M Luke Barnard [VID] fs-14095-Barnard.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 14:29 7.1M Luke Barnard [VID] fs-3225-Barnard.WMV 25-Jul-2010 14:33 7.1M Luke Barnard [VID] mr-11349-Barnard.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 21:18 5.5M Luke Barnard [VID] mr-11397-Barnard.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:20 9.8M Luke Barnard [VID] mr-2311-Barnard.mpeg 26-Oct-2006 09:02 2.3M Luke Barnard [VID] mr-2316-Barnard.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 14:58 4.1M Luke Barnard [VID] mr1shroomer-2444-Barnard.MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:09 2.1M Luke Barnard [VID] sl-13719-Barnard.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:33 13M Luke Barnard [VID] sl-3181-Barnard.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:35 4.3M Luke Barnard [VID] ws-11254-Barnard.MPG 27-Jul-2010 21:33 9.7M Luke Barnard [VID] ws-33955-Barnard(girl_at_the_end).MPEG 27-Jul-2010 14:32 11M Luke Barnard [VID] ws-33955-Barnard.mpeg 17-Jul-2010 23:02 10M Luke Barnard [VID] sl-3174-Barnard.mpeg 26-Oct-2006 08:57 3.0M Luke Barnard (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-2310-Barnard.MP4 17-Jul-2010 17:13 1.8M Luke Barnard (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-2308-Barnard.MP4 17-Jul-2010 17:11 2.4M Luke Barnard (watch this video on youtube) [VID] bc-15179-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:25 27M Martin McMullan [VID] bc-3620-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:27 8.7M Martin McMullan [VID] cm-3202-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 09:59 7.6M Martin McMullan [VID] dk-3582-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:29 9.5M Martin McMullan [VID] kb-12062-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:03 20M Martin McMullan [VID] kd-14563-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:09 25M Martin McMullan [VID] lr-3150-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:11 7.6M Martin McMullan [VID] lr-3172-McMullan-showinghands.MOV 14-Feb-2007 20:29 8.2M Martin McMullan [VID] lr1shroomer-3300-McMullan.MOV 26-Jul-2010 16:21 7.8M Martin McMullan [VID] mf-2354-McMullan.MOV 09-Jan-2007 21:31 5.9M Martin McMullan [VID] mr-11413-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:34 18M Martin McMullan [VID] mr-2314-McMullan.MOV 05-Nov-2006 18:50 7.4M Martin McMullan [VID] mr-2319-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:35 6.2M Martin McMullan [VID] mr-2330-McMullan(missedmt).MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:12 5.7M Martin McMullan [VID] rra-4682-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:14 11M Martin McMullan [VID] sl-3183-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:37 7.7M Martin McMullan [VID] tt-4940-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:17 11M Martin McMullan [VID] ws-11329-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:21 19M Martin McMullan [VID] yv-2634-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:39 7.6M Martin McMullan [VID] yv-2641-McMullan.MOV 17-Jul-2010 23:40 7.4M Martin McMullan [VID] yv-2644-McMullan.MOV 18-Jul-2010 10:22 7.5M Martin McMullan [VID] yvsc-587-McMullan.AVI 27-Jul-2010 15:06 4.5M Martin McMullan [VID] yvsc-587-McMullan.wmv 18-Jul-2010 10:23 1.5M Martin McMullan [VID] mrsc-5095(pal)-Fleer.avi 04-Aug-2009 16:21 27M Maurice Fleer [VID] cm-13730-Jongerius.WMV 27-Jul-2010 13:57 4.9M Michael Jongerius [VID] cm-13748(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:43 2.4M Michael Jongerius [VID] kb-2586(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:08 1.5M Michael Jongerius [VID] kd-14479-Jongerius.mpeg 17-Jul-2010 22:55 2.5M Michael Jongerius [VID] kd-14553(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 06-May-2009 21:32 1.7M Michael Jongerius [VID] kd-14749-Jongerius.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:16 7.1M Michael Jongerius [VID] kd-3269-Jongerius.WMV 25-Jul-2010 21:20 1.8M Michael Jongerius [VID] lr-13835(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 26-Jul-2010 15:49 11M Michael Jongerius [VID] lr-13843(pal)-Jongerius.mpg 02-Feb-2009 13:17 22M Michael Jongerius [VID] lr-3157(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 26-Jul-2010 16:19 4.4M Michael Jongerius [VID] lr0shroomer-3365(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 26-Jul-2010 16:20 3.6M Michael Jongerius [VID] mf-11265(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 07-Nov-2006 17:51 8.6M Michael Jongerius [VID] mr-11347(pal)-Jongerius.WMV 25-Jul-2010 21:08 8.5M Michael Jongerius [VID] mr-11355(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 21:06 2.5M Michael Jongerius [VID] mr-2311(pal)-Jongerius.avi 26-Oct-2006 09:00 5.5M Michael Jongerius [VID] mr-2316(2313ghost)(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:13 1.2M Michael Jongerius [VID] rra-4665(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:16 1.1M Michael Jongerius [VID] sl-13701(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:28 2.4M Michael Jongerius [VID] tt-22922(pal)-Jongerius.WMV 27-Jul-2010 21:58 16M Michael Jongerius [VID] ws-11239(pal)-Jongerius.WMV 25-Jul-2010 21:06 8.7M Michael Jongerius [VID] ws-11246(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 27-Jul-2010 15:37 8.7M Michael Jongerius [VID] ws-33900(pal)-Jongerius.WMV 26-Jul-2010 12:47 23M Michael Jongerius [VID] ws-33934(pal)-Jongerius.WMV 26-Jul-2010 12:27 24M Michael Jongerius [VID] yv-12610(pal)-Jongerius.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:34 1.9M Michael Jongerius [VID] bc-15067(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 27-Apr-2007 14:12 12M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] yv-12598(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 26-Nov-2006 21:49 9.0M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mf-2339(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 27-Apr-2007 13:26 1.0M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] fs-14065(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 26-Oct-2006 09:14 9.3M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] kb-11982(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 27-Apr-2007 14:14 8.7M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] ws-33887(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 27-Apr-2007 14:19 23M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] mr-11337(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 26-Oct-2006 09:02 9.6M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] rra-22342(pal)-Jongerius.wmv 09-Jan-2007 21:29 16M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] bb-3412(pal)-Jongerius.mpeg 25-Oct-2006 19:04 1.1M Michael Jongerius (watch this video on youtube) [VID] cmsc-10579-Bukrim.wmv 05-Nov-2006 19:19 18M Myles Bukrim [VID] cmsc-2046-Bukrim.wmv 27-Jul-2010 13:46 5.7M Myles Bukrim [VID] cmsclap1-2087-Bukrim.MPG 25-Jul-2010 16:05 4.7M Myles Bukrim [VID] dk-3602-Bukrim.wmv 17-Jul-2010 22:54 1.2M Myles Bukrim [VID] dksc-2139-Bukrim.wmv 05-Nov-2006 17:56 1.7M Myles Bukrim [VID] dksc-373-Bukrim.MPG 26-Jul-2010 11:55 1.9M Myles Bukrim [VID] dksc-376-Bukrim.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 13:50 3.2M Myles Bukrim [VID] dksclap1-985-Bukrim.MPG 26-Jul-2010 15:41 2.9M Myles Bukrim [VID] fssc-2185-Bukrim.mpg 05-Jul-2010 15:41 5.5M Myles Bukrim [VID] fssc-2197-Bukrim.AVI 27-Jul-2010 13:52 2.7M Myles Bukrim [VID] fssc-504-Bukrim.mpg 06-Nov-2006 10:30 2.6M Myles Bukrim [VID] fssc-515-Bukrim.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 16:04 2.5M Myles Bukrim [VID] fssc-540-Bukrim.wmv 05-Jul-2010 15:39 3.6M Myles Bukrim [VID] mr-2321-Bukrim.WMV 27-Jul-2010 15:00 6.8M Myles Bukrim [VID] mrsc-1563-Bukrim.MPG 27-Jul-2010 15:01 3.9M Myles Bukrim [VID] rrasc-14125-Bukrim.MPG 26-Jul-2010 12:09 19M Myles Bukrim [VID] rrasc-3179-Bukrim.mpg 18-Jul-2008 13:31 6.6M Myles Bukrim [VID] rrosc-10534-Bukrim.MPG 25-Jul-2010 18:29 12M Myles Bukrim [VID] wssc-1341-Bukrim.wmv 27-Jul-2010 15:38 5.3M Myles Bukrim [VID] wssc-248-Bukrim.avi 31-Jul-2010 22:01 484K Myles Bukrim [VID] yvsc-582-Bukrim.MPG 25-Jul-2010 18:29 2.3M Myles Bukrim [VID] yvsc-740-Bukrim.wmv 05-Jul-2010 15:37 3.7M Myles Bukrim [VID] yvsc-745-Bukrim.WMV 27-Jul-2010 15:06 412K Myles Bukrim [VID] yvsc-748-Bukrim(2).MPG 27-Jul-2010 15:07 2.7M Myles Bukrim [VID] yvsc-748-Bukrim.AVI 27-Jul-2010 15:07 1.8M Myles Bukrim [VID] dksc-360-Bukrim.wmv 27-Jul-2010 13:47 2.9M Myles Bukrim (watch this video on youtube) [VID] yv-2664-McCanna.avi 24-Oct-2006 23:57 1.3M Phil McCanna [VID] rra-4729-Sullivan.mpg 23-Feb-2007 22:17 9.3M Sean Sullivan [VID] fssc-505(pal)-Needham.avi 15-Apr-2007 02:41 886K Stacy Needham (watch this video on youtube) [VID] cmsc-10752-SGutierrez(oldstrat).avi 23-Apr-2007 01:15 4.4M Steven Gutierrez [VID] fssc-2184-SGutierrez.avi 16-May-2007 23:23 1.7M Steven Gutierrez [VID] fssc-509-SGutierrez.MPG 25-Jul-2010 17:28 2.3M Steven Gutierrez [VID] kd-3292-SGutierrez.WMV 25-Jul-2010 17:29 3.7M Steven Gutierrez [VID] kdsc-14433-SGutierrez.AVI 25-Jul-2010 21:20 5.5M Steven Gutierrez [VID] mrsc-5132-SGutierrez.WMV 25-Jul-2010 21:15 3.4M Steven Gutierrez [VID] rrosc-10516-SGutierrez.avi 17-Jul-2010 23:00 4.2M Steven Gutierrez [VID] rrosc-33030-SGutierrez.AVI 25-Jul-2010 21:22 11M Steven Gutierrez [VID] rrosc-33595-SGutierrez.WMV 25-Jul-2010 17:59 20M Steven Gutierrez [VID] ttsc-13190-SGutierrez.WMV 25-Jul-2010 18:12 8.4M Steven Gutierrez [VID] ttsc-2904-SGutierrez.WMV 25-Jul-2010 18:13 4.4M Steven Gutierrez [VID] ttsc-2899-SGutierrez.wmv 05-Nov-2006 19:09 1.4M Steven Gutierrez (watch this video on youtube) [VID] kb-2708-Batastini.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:08 1.0M TAS = Tool-assisted speedrun (save states/slow-motion) [VID] bb-14545-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 10:13 47M Tim Everett [VID] bb-3465-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 10:17 17M Tim Everett [VID] cm-13827-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 10:20 17M Tim Everett [VID] cm-3225-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 10:22 5.8M Tim Everett [VID] kb-12095-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:37 14M Tim Everett [VID] kb-2619-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:40 5.4M Tim Everett [VID] kd-14598-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:23 18M Tim Everett [VID] kd1shroomer-3510-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:28 6.4M Tim Everett [VID] lr-13894-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:47 14M Tim Everett [VID] lr-3147-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:50 5.5M Tim Everett [VID] lrnossmts-13996-Everett(lq).mpg 08-Jul-2007 12:05 6.1M Tim Everett [VID] lrnossmts-13996-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 20:58 21M Tim Everett [VID] mr-11463-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:01 13M Tim Everett [VID] mrsc-10979-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:03 12M Tim Everett [VID] mrsc-1588-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:04 3.8M Tim Everett [VID] rra-22512-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:23 24M Tim Everett [VID] rro-13820-Everett.MPG 27-Jul-2010 21:54 4.0M Tim Everett [VID] rrosc-11435-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:26 13M Tim Everett [VID] sl-13842-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:37 16M Tim Everett [VID] tt-23113-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:42 25M Tim Everett [VID] tt-4951-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 21:44 8.4M Tim Everett [VID] ws-11279-Everett(lq).MPG 27-Jul-2010 21:34 3.0M Tim Everett [VID] ws-11279-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:14 12M Tim Everett [VID] ws-34228-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:00 35M Tim Everett [VID] wssc-1900-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:01 3.9M Tim Everett [VID] wssc-357-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:02 1.8M Tim Everett [VID] wssc0shroomerlap1-440-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:02 4.3M Tim Everett [VID] yv-12720-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:18 15M Tim Everett [VID] yv-2667-Everett.mpg 31-Jul-2010 22:19 5.3M Tim Everett [VID] cm-13691-Ullman.WMV 25-Jul-2010 15:36 9.5M Troy Ullman [VID] cm-13707-Ullman.WMV 25-Jul-2010 15:43 9.7M Troy Ullman [VID] cm-13734-Ullman.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:15 13M Troy Ullman [VID] cm-3188-Ullman.MPG 25-Jul-2010 18:55 4.2M Troy Ullman [VID] cm0shroomer-3255-Ullman.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 18:20 5.0M Troy Ullman [VID] dk-15367-Ullman(oldstrat).AVI 27-Jul-2010 18:03 34M Troy Ullman [VID] kb-11988-Ullman.WMV 25-Jul-2010 15:49 7.9M Troy Ullman [VID] kb-2585-Ullman.mpeg 05-Nov-2006 17:59 3.5M Troy Ullman [VID] kd-14468-Ullman.MPG 27-Jul-2010 18:07 14M Troy Ullman [VID] kd-3276-Ullman.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 14:50 5.7M Troy Ullman [VID] lr-13866-Ullman.MPEG 25-Jul-2010 15:50 4.2M Troy Ullman [VID] lr1shroomer-3275-Ullman.WMV 25-Jul-2010 14:53 3.3M Troy Ullman [VID] rra-22336-Ullman.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 12:05 18M Troy Ullman [VID] rra-22364-Ullman.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:24 5.9M Troy Ullman [VID] tt-22948-Ullman.mpg 27-Oct-2009 13:28 19M Troy Ullman [VID] tt-4921-Ullman.WMV 25-Jul-2010 15:21 4.3M Troy Ullman [VID] yv-12662-Ullman.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:56 7.0M Troy Ullman [VID] yv-2646-Ullman.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:58 4.8M Troy Ullman [VID] kb-2583(pal)-Pugh.AVI 12-Apr-2007 00:45 9.3M Trystan Pugh [VID] mr-2315(pal)-Pugh.AVI 12-Apr-2007 00:43 8.9M Trystan Pugh [VID] tt-4948(pal)-Pugh.WMV 27-Jul-2010 13:41 6.5M Trystan Pugh [VID] rra-4656(pal)-Pugh.wmv 05-Apr-2007 21:49 8.8M Trystan Pugh (watch this video on youtube) [VID] bb-14512(pal)-Lacey.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 16:23 4.0M William Lacey [VID] bc-3638(pal)-Lacey.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:43 1.4M William Lacey [VID] cm-13802(pal)-Lacey.MPG 28-Jul-2010 11:54 3.7M William Lacey [VID] cm-3217(pal)-Lacey.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 13:44 1.3M William Lacey [VID] dk1shroomerlap1-3682(pal)-Lacey.avi 23-Feb-2007 19:12 12M William Lacey [VID] fs-14138(pal)-Lacey.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:02 3.9M William Lacey [VID] fs-3248(pal)-Lacey.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:02 1.3M William Lacey [VID] kd-14507(pal)-Lacey.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:09 4.0M William Lacey [VID] mr-11403(pal)-Lacey.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:06 2.8M William Lacey [VID] mr-2327(pal)-Lacey.MPEG 27-Jul-2010 15:00 958K William Lacey [VID] rra-22493-Lacey.mpg 17-Jul-2010 22:59 5.5M William Lacey [VID] tt-22983(pal)-Lacey.MPEG 26-Jul-2010 15:32 5.6M William Lacey [VID] ws-34152(pal)-Lacey.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:31 8.3M William Lacey [VID] yv-12680(pal)-Lacey.MPG 28-Jul-2010 12:26 3.3M William Lacey [VID] dk-3557(pal)-Lacey.avi 26-Oct-2006 21:18 9.6M William Lacey (watch this video on youtube) [VID] bc-15064(pal)-Lacey.avi 13-Mar-2008 17:54 13M William Lacey (watch this video on youtube)