Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that I haven't already answered, feel free to contact me.

What's this site about? hosts a large collection of world record videos and former world record videos for several games, most notably Mario Kart and F-Zero. is an archive, so I don't delete old videos. I also allow people to have personal video collections.
I can't play a video.
You're probably missing a codec. Try installing a codec pack (personally I use CCCP) and you should be able to watch most videos. If you still can't play the video then contact me.
Why don't you create a better design?
Too much work. The auto-generated lists of files are good enough, imo.
Who runs this website?
Michael Fried.
Does this site host emulator videos?
Most of the videos on this site were done on the original console. Emulator videos which are non-TAS are labeled with the name of the emulator. Tool-assisted speedruns (save-states / slow-motion) are labeled as "tas". If I mislabeled something then please let me know.

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